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Three Kings Came Bearing Gifts for Patients- Vallarta Supermarkets Celebrates Day of Epiphany with Valley Children’s

Today, our Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals partner, Vallarta Supermarkets, brought toys and Rosca de Reyes (pan dolce bread) to our staff, patients and their families in celebration of El Dia de Reyes (Day of Epiphany).

Whether a tiara, Star Wars action figure or Hello Kitty soccer ball, the three kings helped patients pick out their perfect toy.

Meanwhile Vallarta staff, along with the Children’s Miracle Network team, cut slices of Rosca de Reyes for all to enjoy.

Not only did Vallarta raise over $49,000 last year for Valley Children’s, but they also donated their time and resources to make today great for our patients. The event brought indescribable joy to our families and giant smiles to many patients’ faces!

Thank you, Vallarta.