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2021 Highlights

As the end of the year is coming to a close, we wanted to stop and take a moment to reflect on many of the exciting things that occurred in 2021.

We had a great start to our year as we added more than 50 stores in Stanislaus County to our fundraising family. Thank you, Stanislaus, for joining us!

It was a record breaking year for many of our partners. Specifically, Walmart and Sam’s Club, for a second year in a row, raised more than $529,900, Costco raised more than $719,300 with Store #142 in Merced collecting more than $100,000 and Rite Aid raised more than $42,600.

Our 2021 media partners also had an excellent year! The 2021 ABC30 “Futures Worth Fighting For” Telethon in August raised more than $135,000, the 2021 Kiss Country for Kids Radiothon raised more than $102,000 and the LOBO Merced Radiothon raised more than $45,000.

While we do not have final numbers for the 2021 year just yet, but we have seen our Children’s Miracle Network partners collectively raise more than $2.2 million for Valley Children’s thus far.

Because of these organized fundraising efforts, we were able to meet the needs of children this past year in the midst of a global pandemic. It has been a challenging year for our clinical colleagues who have bravely helped kids, including more than 2,400 kids who have been treated for COVID-19 this fiscal year and more than 166,000 children who came to Valley Children’s in the past year for other conditions. Because of these efforts, kids in our community received the very best pediatric care available.

We send a hearty, “Thank you!” to all of our Children’s Miracle Network partners for their continuous generosity that enables us to remain focused on our precious mission: to continually improve the health and wellbeing of children.

Thank you all and Happy Holidays!