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Kinsley’s Story

I have the immense pleasure of working with many wonderful people. From all my co-workers at Valley Children’s Healthcare & Hospital to everyone at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. I have a unique career and I love every minute, every joy, and every struggle of this career. Recently, I got to do something new and conceptualized a couple videos. Once again I had the pleasure to work with some amazingly awesome people. Sareen, our Public Relations Coordinator at Valley Children’s, made it seem as if I was not asking for the moon and the stars when I asked for certain areas or people in the Hospital. She never said ‘NO’, but instead ‘Let me see what I can do.’ I love this kind of attitude! We don’t know what is possible until we try, and not trying is failure.

Formers Productions from Portland were simply the best at turning my vision into the video I wanted. Watch the video, the work speaks for itself. Travis and John are a talented duo. Beyond their video work they bonded with the Herzog Family, Dustin, Michelle, and Kinsley. Travis and John understood the sensitive nature of who and where we were filming. 

The Herzog family was such a dream to work with. They were kind and generous, and openly welcomed us into their home and life for a few days. Please watch Kinsley’s story.