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Three Reasons Vallarta Cashiers Ask YOU To Donate!

As you check out at the supermarket, do you ever wonder why your cashier asks you to donate to a worthy cause in the community? We wanted to know what motivates the cashiers at our Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals partners to ask every customer. Here are the top three reasons Vallarta Supermarkets asks you to donate to Valley Children’s.

It’s Personal: Walk into any Vallarta Supermarket and you are bound to find a cashier, manager or even customer who has been helped by Valley Children’s. Juanita, a front end manager at the Vallarta on Clinton, is always enthusiastic and motivated because she knows that the money her team raises will come back to help someone, whether it’s a coworker or customer.  Walking around with George the Giraffe in Visalia, we heard several parents tell their kids that their siblings were here today because of Valley Children’s.

It Makes A Local Impact: One of the reasons Vallarta has chosen to help Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is because the impact their teams make stays local. The money raised at each supermarket supports the local children’s hospital.

It’s The Right Thing To Do: Vallarta Supermarkets know they have a responsibility to their communities and are motivated by the difference they make. Each supermarket competes against other locations to be the best and make the biggest impact. Vallarta’s teams know they can help create miracles by asking. They love being able to connect with their customers and bring the community together for a great cause.