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“Girl-dad” Raises Funds Through Gaming for Valley Children’s Hospital

The Extra Life team in the Central Valley has been gaining ground for a couple of years in support of Valley Children’s Hospital. One of the team members is a four year participant named Jason Luna.

Father of two girls, Jason says he is proud to be a “Girl-dad.” Jason regularly visits Valley Children’s Hospital with his eldest daughter, who receives implants to prevent early onset of puberty, formally called Precocious Puberty. Jason told us that while her condition is not life threatening her treatment prevented issues with height and protected Rachel from social stigma. When he streams online, his daughters, Rachel (10) and Mila (5) sometimes make a special appearance.

Jason has been gaming for as long as he can remember. He has memories at six years old playing Mario Brothers on Nintendo as well as when the first Sony Play Station came out. While he has been gaming for a long time, he has only been streaming for four years. In that time he has raised nearly $3,000 for Valley Children’s, raising more and more each year. Thank you, Jason!

When we asked him what motivates him to participate year after year in Extra Life, he explained how he feels moved each time he visits Valley Children’s Hospital. He noticed the other children and families and said, “Kids shouldn’t have to deal with that stuff, anything I can do to make things easier, I will.”

Jason first learned about Extra Life on Instagram. He initially said, “I can raise money for Valley Children’s by playing video games? What?!”

We hope that many other gamers will respond like Jason has. If you love to play games, make sure to sign up for our local Extra Life Game Day, this Saturday August 21st, sponsored by Gamer Advantage.

As Jason says, “When we play, the kids win!” and that’s what it’s all about.