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Tamar (L), George (C) and Shannon (R)


You’ve seen Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals commercials and signs, visited corporate partner locations and made donations to help your local children’s hospital, but ever wonder who’s behind the scenes. Now it’s time to meet the team at Valley Children’s. We want you to meet George the Giraffe, Shannon and Tamar, our local CMN Hospitals program directors.

Question: How Long have you been working with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals?

Shannon: I started working for Valley Children’s in 2013 and start working with CMN Hospitals soon after. I have been working with our partners for three years now and have been “Putting the FUN in fundraising ever since.”

Tamar: I recently started working at Valley Children’s and am super excited to be working with Shannon and all of our CMN Hospitals partners.  I  love how the campaigns  bring our community together and get so many individuals involved with giving – whether it’s rounding up their check out totals or buying a “balloon” to add to the company’s wall.

Question: Which campaign are you most proud of?

Shannon:  I can’t just choose one campaign, I am proud of all our campaigns.  Every campaign we have, every dollar raised, every ask a cashier makes (even if it’s defeating at times) makes a huge impact. Seeing the perseverance and dedication these employees and companies have to help the kids in our community inspires me every day.

Question:  What’s Your Favorite Part about Working with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Tamar: What I love most about working with CMN Hospitals is seeing the excitement and dedication of our corporate partners. Whenever we connect with a different partner or location, each one has a different idea on how to raise more money or a connection to the hospital. I just love how it brings the community together.

Question: What’s One Thing You Wish Everyone Knew About CMN Hospitals?

Shannon:   I wish everyone knew that while CMN Hospitals is a national organization, every dollar donated directly benefits the kids in our community. All the money raised stays local.


Be sure to keep your eyes out for George at the next CMN Hospitals partner location you visit; he likes to stop by and say hi. If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact Tamar at 559.353.7909 or